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BCC Weekend Edition #2: Quick Bytes

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We begin our second consectutive BCC Weekend Edition with a litany of stories from the past week. Enjoy!

Michael Wright discusses the possibility of Sanchez being the Jags # 8 selection.

Michael Wright has a Q&A with Mel Tucker... New Jacksonville Def. Coordinator. 

Cut this guy from the practice squad now... Don't say character matters unless you mean it, Gene.

Pro Football Weekly evaluates the Mel Tucker hire.

Gene Frenette praises the release of Porter and Florence as team first moves.

Reggie Williams and Bobby McCray do a cooking show...

Lists 4 free agents and evaluates them... Jabari Greer and Shaun Cody intrigue me.

Profile of Mike Tice by Sporting News.

Joe Zelenka re-signed... Analysis.

Top 10 Free Agent Guards.

Top 10 Free Agent Tackles.

Top 10 Free Agent Wide-Outs.

Happy Valentines Day everyone... Check back later for more of BCC's Weekend Edition!

Feel free to do any player evaluations on any free agents you desire, chances are we'll post it on the front page as long as it is (relatively) mistake free. Adios Amigos!