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2009 NFL Draft Player Interview: Ryan Chesla


We're going to be starting a new feature on BCC, NFL Draft Player interviews. BCC has managed to score some hook-ups with future NFL players and we're going to be bringing you more in-depth coverage as we move closer to NFL Draft Weekend. Here's our first installment... Ryan Chesla, TE Northern Colorado.

Ryan Chesla is a TE out of Northern Colorado and was selected to the Big Sky ALL-Conference 1st team offense two years in a row. Ryan has been nothing short of an all-star for his team, and his stand-out performances mean he'll likely have a shot to make an NFL roster either as a late round selection or as an undrafted free agent.

Collin Streetman: How long have you been playing football and have there ever been any other sports you've played, or seriously considered playing, rather than football?

Ryan Chesla: I've been playing since elementary school. I quit for a few years after that because I played offensive line and didn't like it. Started back in 7th grade and been playing ever since. I played baseball and basketball too.

Collin Streetman: In what ways have you changed your routine to prepare for the possibility of life in the NFL?

Ryan Chesla: Yeah, being out here training for the pro days and what-not I've seen what it takes to be an elite athlete. I've never been pushed this hard before.

Collin Streetman: Does health and nutrition play a large role in your life, and do you have a special diet you follow during the season or otherwise?

Ryan Chesla: Absolutely. It has a big effect on my life. You have to eat right to keep your body fueled. I've always eaten healthy nutrient dense foods in my diet.

Collin Streetman: What are you're measurables according to you? Height, Weight, 40 Time, and estimate of how many times you can put up 225lbs?

Ryan Chesla:

Height: 6' 4" ,Weight: 255 lbs 40 time: 4.6 or 4.7., Bench press 225lbs: At minimum 35 is my goal.

Collin Streetman: What intangibles can you bring to an NFL team that might not show up on tape?

Ryan Chesla: Just my work ethic I bring to the table. I have great knowledge about the game. Being around such good coaches in college helped me to understand the game.

Collin Streetman: What made you choose Northern Colorado?

Ryan Chesla: I liked the comradery of the team. There were a few other schools, but on the trip, seeing how team oriented the group was made me see that every one was down to work. I loved the guys and the atmosphere provided by Northern Colorado

Collin Streetman: You've been nothing short of a standout player for both your team and the Big Sky Conference. What was it like to be the first player from your team to be selected to the All Conference 1st offense?

Ryan Chesla: That was an awesome honor. I didn't think it was possible because there is a good TE ahead of me on my team. I appreciated it a lot. I can't state enough how honored I am.

Collin Streetman: You red-shirted your first year at the University, was it a valuable learning experience for you?

Ryan Chesla: Absolutely, we went through a coaching change after a few years. Coach Kay Dalton had a lot of NFL ties and listening to him and learning his offense was a great learning experience. I also got to watch Vince Jackson and seeing how he prepared for games, which helped out a lot.

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Collin Streetman: Some guys are work-out warriors, others are film-junkies, and still others stay buried in their playbooks. What's you're favorite aspect of game preparation?

Ryan Chesla: I definitely enjoy working out. I mix it up between that and the film room. I got the playbook down easily so after the first few weeks, I focused on working hard in the weight room and film room.

Collin Streetman: A TE has to be a legit blocker to be an every down player at the next level. How would you describe your blocking ability?

Ryan Chesla: My ability has improved tremendously. I am very strong "IN" the blocks against the defensive line. I was split out a lot so I know now I am able to block linebackers and safeties and cornerbacks too.

Collin Streetman: What is your favorite part of playing TE?

Ryan Chesla:Just the dynamics of the position. You have to be a mold of an o-lineman and a quick receiver. You have to have a great knowledge of the offense I appreciate the challenge it brings.

Collin Streetman: Describe your in-game demeanor using one of the following, focused and calm, unhinged and explosive, or downright nasty.

Ryan Chesla:I'd say I use all three in different situations, but I'd say I'm focused and calm because I try no to let anything get to me on the field.

Collin Streetman: Are there any TE's who you model your game after?

Ryan Chesla:I've always looked up to Jeremy Shockey ever since he was at Miami and I've loved the way he's played his whole career.

Collin Streetman:What's your favorite route?

Ryan Chesla:Good question. I'd say a 10 yard dig or a corner route.

Collin Streetman: You will likely have a shot at making an NFL roster or practice squad. Would you rather be a late round selection or an UDFA with the ability to have more choices for future employment?

Ryan Chesla: It wouldn't matter to me, just the opportunity to be on an NFL roster is a great success in my eyes, so as long as I can contribute to a team, that's all I ask.

Collin Streetman: What is your favorite NFL team?

Ryan Chesla:Growing up I loved the Saints. My mom's family lives in Louisiana and I grew up watching them play.

Collin Streetman:Which is a greater asset, your natural ability, or your work-ethic?

Ryan Chesla: Hmm. I'd say my natural ability because you have to have the ability to succeed. Work ethic is great, but if you don't have the natural ability, then work ethic can only take you so far.

Collin Streetman: You've totaled almost 40 catches and over 400 yards each of the last two seasons. What makes you such an effective receiving target?

Ryan Chesla: I just believe that I know how to get open and understand the defenses and what our offense is trying to do. I can play the defense according to how I read it.

Collin Streetman: Do you have any game-day superstitions or routines you follow?

Ryan Chesla: Umm. Not necessarily. I have little things like listening to music. I like to go to a secluded place and just go to do my own thing by listening to music and getting psyched up for the game.

Collin Streetman:What was your major in college and what are your plans after football?

Ryan Chesla:Sports and exercise science. I did my internship in our collegiate weight room. I like the individualized aspect of training players for the combine or training elite athletes to be better competitors.

Collin Streetman: On a more personal note, how would you describe your personality and character?

Ryan Chesla: Just a fun outgoing laid back kind of guy. Don't worry about little stuff.

Collin Streetman: What role does your family play in your life?

Ryan Chesla: Huge priority- I'm really close to all my extended family and keep in touch. It is a major priority in my life.

Collin Streetman: Finally and most importantly, you've lived in both California and Colorado. Which girls are better, Beach Babes or Snow Bunnies?

Ryan Chesla: Haha, good question. Because I've lived in Colorado so long I'd have to say Snow Bunnies.

Thanks for your time Ryan and best of luck to you. I hope to see you in an NFL uniform in the near future!

-Collin Streetman