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Offensive Line Combine Results and Analysis. Michael Crabtree needs surgery

Jason Smith threw up 225 lbs on the bench press 33 times. Oher  managed 21 reps, and Eugene Monroe reached 23 reps. Both have longer arms than Smith does, but that still doesn't account for the entire discrepancy in strength. This will only cause Oher to fall further and the Jags are clearly trying to move out of the #8 spot, so it may end up being a marriage of need and availability.

Michael Crabtree will be lucky to be a first round pick... He's got to have surgery.

This will hurt his draft status big-time. I really struggle seeing him taken anywhere before the 20th pick or so. He's got to have surgery or at some point his foot will simply break completely, that's how stress fractures work. If not treated correctly, they will eventually fracture completely, resulting in a broken foot for Michael. Medical tests are the main reason you have a combine, things like this must be discovered prior to selecting a player. 

It also appears that John Henderson is on the trading block as he has been linked to two trade rumors that both originated from Jacksonville radio... Don't be surprised to see him in another uniform next season too. We are acquiring picks, and as I've said before, there is no sacred cow in Gene Smith's pasture. I'm convinced the guy would trade Jack Del Rio, David Garrard, and his own mother in a package deal for the right price of picks... I love it!

Jason Smith looks to be the most NFL ready lineman, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone first. On the other hand, Andre Smith apparently showed up out of shape and didn't work out; apparently combine officials couldn't even locate him this morning. That is not good for his draft stock at all.

While Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith isn’t working out and has drawn criticism for showing up out of shape and for combine officials being unable to locate him this morning, his competition is making their case to NFL talent evaluators.

Way to go Andre! 

I have a hard time believing he'll still be a top 10 pick with all the character concerns. His suspension from the Sugar Bowl, his struggles with weight, and now we find out he couldn't be located for some of the most important interviews of his life. If you're not going to work out then you've got to at least interview well. 

A list of the top 10 performers in some of the major combine drills. Offensive line and TE.

Jared Cook, TE out of South Carolina was rumored to run in the 4.3's. He turned in a dissappointing 4.5 and likely hurt his stock. If he had run a 4.3 like he mentioned he did when he came into South Carolina and expected to do at the combine, then he'd have been a likely top 15 choice. As it stands now, he may slip into the second round.