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Malcolm Jenkins: Out of the Picture


Remember when I told you that I thought that Malcolm Jenkins of Ohio State would be a good choice for the Jaguars at the 8th overall pick?  Yeah, you can take that back now.  Tony Pauline of reports that Jenkins ran between 4.52 and 4.58, which will more than likely eliminate him from top ten consideration.  Some teams, though perhaps not Jacksonville, will grade him as a free safety rather than a cornerback, but either way, his speed is not worthy of a top ten selection. 

It's unfair, to an extent, that between two and eight hundreths of a second will decide where Jenkins goes, as that amount of time is nearly inpercievable, but with the 8th pick, the Jaguars need to pick up an elite player, a cornerback that's closer to 4.6 than to 4.4 is not elite.

Such is the way the draft goes, after the combine we'll be able to project the top talent and get a far better idea as to who will be on top of the board when the Jaguars pick.