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Post Combine Fallout



So the NFL combine is now done, and the talking heads are well underway with who did what. So, how does this bode for the Jaguars?


Who is in the Jaguars' sights now?

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC- He's now gone from a guy who I thought would simply be trade bait to a possible pick at #8. The Jaguars interviewed Sanchez, and everyone seems to love to point out Del Rio went to USC. reports the Jags have him rated higher than Stafford, and if Emperor Gene deems it so, Jacksonville may be in the midst of another QB controvery.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri-Another guy the Jaguars interviewed. Maclin faltered at the 40 this year, but so did fellow speedster Percy Harvin. Considering the horrid 40 times of almost every "Speed" position, I think alot of Scouts will instead go off Pro Day results.

Andre Smith, LT, Alabama- Mr.Smith's antics threw him out of contention for the #1 pick, and I think the Jaguars would be foolish to not consider him with the #8 pick. The question is now, do you brush off his antics at the Combine?

Who's out of the Jaguars sights?

Jason Smith AND Eugene Monroe-It's simple, they both clearly separated themselves. Smith by easily having the best combine, and Monroe by simply staying out of the headlines. They'll both certainly be gone now before the Jaguars pick.

Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St- Jenkins' poor 40 time clearly hurt his status. Unless he shaves off alot at his Pro Day, he'll be passed on by the Jags.

Rey Maualuga, LB, USC- One of the most disappointing players at the Senior Bowl had an encore performance that sent him out of the Top 10.

So what do you guys think BCC? Who do you think the Jaguars should now target?