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Greg Laybourn Oregon State Safety: Interview with Big Cat Country

We continue with our new BCC weekend edition with an interview with Oregon State star Safety, Greg Laybourn. As far as transcendental players go, he may fit the bill. Greg is only 5'10" and slightly over 200 lbs. He doesn't have top flight speed, but he hits like a mack-truck. He's a special teams ace and has an uncanny knack for being around the ball as well. He was a walk-on at OSU who managed to earn a full scholarship and has made the best of the starting opportunity he got this year. Here's Greg...

Collin Streetman: In what ways have you changed your training and routine to prepare for the possibility of life in the NFL?

Greg Laybourn: I’ve definitely changed the kind of training I do. The style of events you train for at the combine and pro day are different than what you do on the football field… I’ve always been really disciplined with my diet and sleep and those things require a great amount of control.

Collin Streetman: What are you’re measurables according to you? Height, Weight, and estimated 40 time at your pro-day.

Greg Laybourn:


205 lbs.

I expect to run a 4.5, but I may run a 4.4. at my pro day.

Collin Streetman: What intangibles can you bring to an NFL team that might not show up on tape?

Greg Laybourn: My instincts and my work ethic. As a safety the most important thing is being in the right place. That comes from film and knowing the defense. I excel at that.

Collin Streetman: Some players are workout warriors, some are film-junkies, and others spend their free time on the practice field. What’s you’re favorite aspect of game preparation?

Greg Laybourn: I’d say its film because that’s how you understand how the offense is going to attack you because you can learn how to change your approach each weak. It’s a great way to gain an edge.

Collin Streetman: What is your favorite part of playing S?

Greg Laybourn: I like having a view of the whole field. I look at my self as the QB of the defense, and you have to make calls and things like a QB does, it is like being the leader on the defense and having an understanding of what’s going on.

Collin Streetman: Describe your in-game demeanor using one of the following, focused and calm, unhinged and explosive, or downright nasty?

Greg Laybourn: Focused and calm. I try not to run and scream to much. College games are 3 1/2 hours and if you waste energy it’ll come back to haunt you. That’s what teammates look for in a leader on defense. Someone who is calm and focused. For special teams and such it is crucial. You have to love contributing on special teams. I love getting a full speed run up for a hit.

Collin Streetman: Which is a greater asset, your natural ability, or your work-ethic?

Greg Laybourn: I’d say my work ethic. I don’t think I have the greatest measurables or natural ability is going to outshine anyone. But I work harder than anyone and it’s going to get me where I want to be.

Collin Streetman: Do you prefer to play closer to the line of scrimmage, or farther back in the secondary?

Greg Laybourn: I like to mix it up. I became really versatile because I loved our defense's style because I got to do both and I enjoy both very much. Versatility is key in the NFL.

Collin Streetman: When the QB is barking out signals and the ball is about to be snapped, what are you keying in on and what’s going through your head?

Greg Laybourn: I’m just trying to focus on the set, and down and distance, and to know what to expect from each. I usually focus on the linemen or TE’s that’s where I get my reads and those pre-snap keys can help you in being at the right place on the field.

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Collin Streetman: Are there any safeties who you model your game after?

Greg Laybourn: My favorite is Bob Sanders. His versatility and tenacity is something all football players can look up too. He’s effective everywhere.

Collin Streetman: You’ve been an amazing special teams player for Oregon State and that is a must for making any NFL team. What roles on special teams have you filled, and which is your favorite?

Greg Laybourn: Kickoff team is my favorite because it’s the chance to make plays in space… A lot of times it’s one on one and that’s what I love about football, it’s going to be one a one battle and someone loses.

Collin Streetman: You went from walking on at Oregon State to being selected All Pac-10 Second team by the division’s coaches. Did you ever think you’d achieve the level of success you have?

Greg Laybourn: Yeah I did actually. I’ve never doubted my abilities and I don’t think being a walk-on has been a detriment. I always knew I was going to work hard enough to succeed. I’ve always trusted in my ability.

Collin Streetman: What aspect of your game do you feel is strongest?

Greg Laybourn: I’d say my ability to make tackles and be around the ball. When you get to the ball carrier you have to tackle. That’s my biggest strength.

Collin Streetman: What aspect of your game needs the most improvement?

Greg Laybourn: Force more turnovers. In the secondary you have to be a ball-hawk and you have to knock the ball lose and force fumbles.

Collin Streetman: How would you describe your personality and character?

Greg Laybourn: My personality is pretty laid back. I don’t get out of control or wild on the filed and the classroom. Character is how you represent you family and teammates and it’s very important to me.

Collin Streetman: What role does family play in your life?

Greg Laybourn: Very important to me. My parents have always been supported of me. I’ve got two older brothers who showed me how to be and athlete and a good man. Representing them is very important to me.