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Better Know a Draft Prospect: Ole Miss Offensive Tackle Michael Oher


It's no secret that the Jaguars are seemingly leaning towards using their first round pick on one of the four left tackles that carry a first round grade. Eugene Monroe, Andre Smith, Jason Smith, and the subject of this Report Michael Oher, all carry their various strengths and weaknesses.However, each also provides a crucial need for the Jaguars, and that is the ability to be an anchor on the offensive line not seen since Tony Boselli had his career cut short from injuries.

Since Boselli, the Jaguars have struggled to find a dominant left tackle again. Mike Peason, Mo Williams, and Khalif Barnes have all been the "Starter" at Left Tackle since then. However, none really were able to become that force on the line a LT is needed to be.

So then, Michael Oher. All season he was described as being the top Senior Offensive lineman in the country. He helped paved the way for the Ole Miss Rebels to have their best season in years, including an upset victory of UF and a Cotton Bowl victory. Oher was considered to be a Top 10 pick in last year's draft, but opted instead to return to Ole Miss for his Senior season.

With David Garrard being the most knocked down Quarterback in the league this season, "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE", or in this case the Quarterback.

Video Killed The Scouting Report

Michael Oher: By the Numbers

0: Sacks he allowed in High School

1: Book written about his life, more on that in a moment

3: Times he was an All-SEC selection

6'5 318: Height and Weight

According to the Experts


NFL Draft Scout: Prototypical left tackle that uses his size and arms to his advantage, an ascending talent, an excellent blocker on run plays and screens

Scott Wright's Draft Countdown: Stout at the point of attack, an exceptional pass blocker who makes it look easy, powerful and get's a great push in the running game

New Era Scouting: A solid technician. Is smart about taking the proper angles, keeping his head on the inside of the defender and driving his feet through the player. Has a low pad level, with bends at the knees. Has the size to physically dominate.


NFL Draft Scout: Questionable work ethic, intelligence may be an issue, can get beaten with guys with quick hands, only 3 years experience at left tackle

Scott Wright's Draft Countdown: Inconsistent, lacks awareness at times, gets high in stance and doesn't always play with leverage

New Era Scouting May fit better in a passing finesse offense, ie the Philadelphia Eagles, than a power team.


As I said before, Oher was the subject of the best selling book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. To say he had a rough upbringing would qualify as understatement of the year.

Oher knows that he has the kind of story that could get a Hollywood movie if things go well.

For those not familiar, Oher's father was murdered and mother was addicted to crack cocaine. He drifted between foster homes, porches, and general homelessness until he was 16 years old. At the behest of a friend, he applied to Briarcrest Christian School to play basketball. Eventually a couple who also had a daughter attending the school took him in and managed to get his .4 GPA up to a 2.0. He took several online classes that eventually allowed him to play football in college.

Why Should Michael Oher be a Jacksonville Jaguar

The Jaguars desperately need help along their offensive line. If our $60 million dollar man David Garrard is going to lead us to the promised land, he can't be on his back after every time he throws the ball. Oher's personality seems to have gotten in the right place since his senior season. He was voted a captain and had the best spring of his time in Oxford between his junior and senior seasons.

Oher is the kind of player where all of the arrows are pointing up and would be a valuable asset to the team.