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2009 NFL Draft Player Interview: Nate Ness S Arizona

Here at BCC we're going to be trying something new to increase our story output and give you more of the round the clock coverage you desire this offseason. "BCC's Weekend Edition" starts today and we are going to try to post at least one to two stories a weekend, so check back.... even on the weekends.

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Collin Streetman: How long have you been playing football and have there ever been any other sports you've played, or seriously considered playing, rather than football?

Nate Ness: I've been playing since 10 years old, and I played basketball and baseball. In high school I was a three sport athlete. I considered basketball, but I didn't get the looks in basketball like I got in football

Collin Streetman: In what ways have you changed your training and routine to prepare for the possibility of life in the NFL?

Nate Ness: A lot, my diet, my eating habits, and getting proper rest. This is a physical game and you have to eat right and sleep right at night. I've been focused on impressing scouts and teams, and convince them I am a good overall player.

Collin Streetman: You mentioned your diet, does health and nutrition play a large role in your life, and do you have a special diet you follow during the season or otherwise?

Nate Ness: Yeah, it plays a vital role. No fried foods ever, and I eat tons of fruits and vegetables and also proteins. I want to get the right food into my body so my body won't wear down as fast through my career.

Collin Streetman: What are you're measurables according to you? Height, Weight, and estimated 40 time at your pro-day.

Nate Ness:

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 197 lbs

I hope to run in the 4.4 range.

Collin Streetman: What intangibles can you bring to an NFL team that might not show up on tape?

Nate Ness: I'm very coachable and respectful. I listen to my coaches. I am a team-focused player who just wants the team to succeed. I compete and I'm very competitive, but, in a respectful way. I want to win and that's what I feel teams want. Players that develop chemistry and bonding in the locker-room.

Collin Streetman: Some players are workout warriors, some are film-junkies, and others spend their free time on the practice field. What's you're favorite aspect of game preparation?

Nate Ness: I like to watch film. You can never watch too much film because you may spot a tendency that nobody else knows. Those can be game changing discoveries. I love to watch film. I look at game-day as my test and film is a way for me to perform better on the "test". So, I study film to prepare for my test.

Collin Streetman: What is your favorite part of playing S?

Nate Ness: Just coming downhill and hitting. The Safety makes big plays because They are the last line of defense. You got to get through the safety to get a touchdown, and that gives you the opportunity to make big stops.

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Collin Streetman: Describe your in-game demeanor using one of the following, focused and calm, unhinged and explosive, or downright nasty.

Nate Ness: Focused and calm. I don't waste too much energy before the game especially. That being said, I am ready to go a moments notice, and once kickoff arrives I'm completely focused for the game.

Collin Streetman: Which is a greater asset, your natural ability, or your work-ethic?

Nate Ness: My work ethic. Natural ability can take you so far, but you can improve as you work harder. Without a strong work ethic it is much harder to succeed in the NFL.

Collin Streetman: You're known for your ability to liven up the locker-room, what's the most memorable locker room prank or hazing that you've been involved in.

Nate Ness: Oh man… I was mimicking coach stoops and there was one time after practice, a really good practice, and I came in after practice and I acted like Stoops. I pulled my shorts up real high and walked bow legged and was messing with everybody. The whole locker-room and Coach Stoops were rolling. Another time we printed up pictures of what celebrities our coaches looked like.

Collin Streetman: You played with Antoine Cason and the two of you literally terrorized defenses your Junior season. Do you still keep in touch with Antoine and is there any advice he's given you about life in the NFL?

Nate Ness: I stay in touch with him. He's coming down to train with me. He's says stay focused and show hard work. This is a business and you have to put in the time and effort and work hard to make it in this business. It's all about making plays and having fun.

Collin Streetman: Since Antoine Cason left for the NFL, you've been a major leader on defense and have served as a Defensive Captain this season. What did taking on this responsibility teach you?

Nate Ness: You know that being accountable is important as a man. It gave me a sense of accountability. I have to be a role model for younger freshmen DBs and just being respectful and showing them the ropes. You have to show them how to live your right life as a man first and it transitions onto the field.

Collin Streetman: Do you prefer to play closer to the line of scrimmage, or farther back in the secondary?

Nate Ness: I don't have a preference. I can be in the box no problem. I like the box though because I like the action.

Collin Streetman: Versatility is crucial to making an NFL roster. Talk about your ability to make the switch to SS and how your skills transfer to that position.

Nate Ness: Um. I was the equivalent of that this season because I was always in the box at Arizona my Senior season. It's a pretty easy switch for me because like I said, my senior year I was in the box a lot and the coaches know I'm a strong tackler.

Collin Streetman: Do you think spending more time in the box contributed to the decrease in interceptions you had this season?

Nate Ness: I'm all about the W's. Stats don't matter too much to me as long as the team is wining that's what I am all about. That's really always my focus.

Collin Streetman: When the QB is barking out signals and the ball is about to be snapped, what are you keying in on and what's going through your head?

Nate Ness: Well, I focus on certain QB's tendencies. When I watch film I look for certain personnel and formations and I'll watch the QB and try to pay attention to the little things like that, which can make the difference is some cases. Maybe the QB does something when he does his pre-snap prep that inadvertently tells you it's going to be a slant, things like that are why I watch film so much.

Collin Streetman: What aspect of your game do you feel is strongest?

Nate Ness: My coverage is really strong. I showcased that before in games. My coverage is really strong

Collin Streetman: What aspect of your game needs the most improvement?

Nate Ness: I feel like turning my hips on the break by the WR, or when I come downhill towards the tackle, I occasionally overstep.

Collin Streetman: How would you describe your personality and character?

Nate Ness: Outgoing and respectful, humble young man. I am a student and I always want to learn new things.

Collin Streetman: What role does family play in your life?

Nate Ness: Big role. I have people in my family who look up to me that I want to set a good example for like cousins and such. I want to be a good role model for my son. I want him to be a better man that I have or will ever be.

-Collin Streetman