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Quick Bytes: Jags Will Utilize a 3-4 Defense

The End really is nigh. The Jags just re-signed my least favorite piece of proverbial burnt toast, Will James. Here's a link to all the free agency activity.

For a list of all our RFA and UFA's, as well as analysis, click here.

More info on Meester and Starks.

News and Quotes by the Jags.

Update on the AFC South's Free Agency acquisitions.

Michael Wright reports we're going to run a 3-4 defense SOME OF THE TIME next year... BJ Raji looks to be a more likely selection now in my opinion, also, we also have to draft or sign another LB. At least the Mel Tucker hire makes more sense now. Expect a full report Monday as to what this means for the team's defensive personnel.

GO TO YOUR HOME!!! ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME! Drayton Florence wants to go home.

Gene Smith is ruthless...Frenette tells us something we already know.

Gerald Sensabaugh has a visit with the Saints scheduled.

Khalif Barnes was scheduled to visit the Saints... he cancelled.

A blueprint for turning the Jags around.

MJD will get paid...

The big news is obviously the change to incorporate more 3-4 defensive techniques... How will we make such a drastic change with only 6 draft picks and no activity in FA? I don't know either, but I do know that it is very likely Big John will be gone next season. He's too tall for a NT and if we are going to run 3-4 even occasionally , then five to six million is too much to play a guy who's only able to play a 4-3 DT some of the time. I'll be honest... I hate this maneuver. What do you think?