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BCC Hates Rumormongering: Addressing the Jay Cutler Trade Talks


There is no quicker way to damage one's credibility than to start rumors that never come to fruition. There are always a ton of rumors going around during the offseason, and we don't like to get egg on our face more often than we have to. That being said, JagNation has a story (In the pay section, so I can't/won't go into detail) that implies Cutler could be involved in a trade to Jacksonville. Jagnation started this rumor, and they are deeply connected, so there must be some truth to it.

Here's the link... WE DIDN'T START THIS RUMOR!!

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A RUMOR BCC HAS STARTED... WE'VE HEARD NOTHING AND HAVE NO INFORMATION... THIS IS SPECULATION!!! (That was for the message boards who regularly misquote us, and in turn, slander our credibility).

I ventured into the dreaded Jags Message Boards to see what people were saying (NOTE: This is never a good idea if you want intelligent info), and what I saw was a complete disregard for reality. 

Let me be the voice of reason here people... DAVID GARRARD will NOT be traded in any deal. Period. What may occur is a 3-way trade involving the Jags... In a 3-way trade, one team is usually the "middle-man" who has the leverage to negociate two different deals to accomplish what one deal would have, and then to reap the benefits. 

Here's how I see what's happening (this doesn't mean it will happen, but is SPECULATION). It is a pretty good guess though, if I do say so myself. The Bucs want Cutler, no doubt about it. However, the Bucs also need a DT. They missed out on Haynesworth and they lost Jovan Haye in free agency. ENTER BIG JOHN... I am guessing the Jags will work out a deal that involves the #8 pick (and possibly additional compensation) going to the Broncos for Cutler. The Jags would then trade Cutler to the Bucs (all three sides would have a deal in place so nobody gets stuck, that's how 3-ways work) along with Big John Henderson for a literal plethora of picks. We ditch the number 8 pick and John Henderson in one fell swoop... That is my ideal scenario. 

I will guarantee that DAVID WILL NOT BE TRADED... You can take that to the bank, regardless of how this turns out. Anyone who thinks we are going to trade a man of high character and a proven leader like David, for a prima-donna like Cutler, is out of their gourd. That goes against everything Gene stands for. If this trade occurs, the Jags will only be a middle man, that's a promise.