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2009 Scouting Report: Better Know a Draft Prospect: Everette Brown, DE, Florida State

Video Killed The Scouting Report

Everette Brown: By the Numbers

At A Glance
Position 1: Defensive End
Height: 6'4
Position 2: 3-4 OLB
Class: Junior Age: 22
Projected Round: 1

40time: 4.71

Brown posted impressive numbers at the combines and he has a great first step. However, can he become an every down defensive end in the NFL? From what I saw at FSU last fall, I think Brown could play well in a 4-3. As you saw in that highlight video he made some tackles look silly, and he has the room to grow on his frame.

According to the Experts


Mocking The Draft: His balance allows him to get low and dip around tackles, much like Dwight Freeney, although not as fast. Due to his lower body strength, Brown can hold up well against the run and stay at end in the right scheme.

FF Toolbox: Great production in college and work ethic

Football Expert: Terrific speed off the edge, gap discipline and play recognition


Mocking The Draft: Needs to get stronger, particularly in his upper body. Gets held up fairly easily by double teams or chips by the running back. Completely untested in coverage and may be a situational player until he learns how to drop back.

FF Toolbox: Needs to add more strength and needs to refine his technique

Football Expert May struggle in the passing game as a linebacker, relies too much on the spin move, size

According to the Blogosphere

This is what the guys over at Tomahawk Nation, SBN's Florida State Seminole blog, had to say on Everette Brown.

  • Explosion: Brown has incredible burst off the edge
  • Balance: nobody in the college game stays lower throughout their stance on the way to the QB. He has an uncanny knack for ducking under long-armed tackles. (Think Dwight Freeney)
  • Pure Speed (watch the Maryland clips in the highlight video)
  • Versatility. Brown can play standing up but is also comfortable putting his hand on the ground
  • Work Ethic. The FSU coaches constantly praise this guy for his constant motor and work ethic.
  • Durability. Brown has never missed a game due to injury.
  • Dedication. Playing on the health idea, Brown takes excellent care of his body.
  • Not a pure speed guy. Brown has a great variety of moves and is surprisingly advanced for an early-entry pass rusher.

Brown is also an excellent character guy. He is NOT your typical FSU thug that have occasionally run through our program. At a position where good behavior isn't all that common, Brown is pure class. We get a lot of rumors sent to us (and photos) about FSU players acting up, but I have never once heard Browns name mentioned in anything remotely seedy. Brown is a community service nut!

Why Should Everette Brown be a Jacksonville Jaguar

With the proper weight program and coaching, I think Everette Brown can be a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. Unlike Derrick Harvey, he was never known to take plays off or dog it. He kept on working hard and getting better as he kept going to school.

A player he keeps getting compared to is Dwight Freeney. Having to go against him twice a year, I think we would all agree we would like to have our own version of him.