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2009 Scouting Report: Better Know a Draft Prospect: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State


The Big Cat Country nation has spoked, and with 48% of the vote, the next Better Know feature is Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State.

With the release of Matt Jones, the Jaguars wide receiver corps is reeling. Dennis Northcutt, Troy Williamson, and Mike Walker are the only three receivers on the roster that even have a NFL reception to their credit. Based on Gene Smith's latest statements, it seems the Jaguars will address WR early in the draft.

Brian Robiskie is the opposite of Jeremy Maclin. Instead of using pure speed, he uses sound fundamentals to get open.Robiskie is the son of a NFL coach, and that is both his greatest Pro and Con.

Sure, he is perhaps the most technically sound receiver in the draft. However, is this a case of what you see is what you get?


Video Killed The Scouting Report

Brian Robiskie: By the Numbers

At A Glance
Position 1:  Wide Receiver
Height:  6'2
Position 2:  Special Teams
Class:  Senior Age:  22
Projected Round: 2-4

 40time:  4.49

Robiskie ran surprisingly well at the combine. Where as many notable players turned in slower 40's than expected, Robiskie ran much better than his expected time of around 4.55.

His best season statistically came in 2007 with 55 receptions for 935 yards and 11 touchdowns. His senior season dropoff could be explained by Ohio State's decision to start freshmen Terrell Pryor for most of the season.

According To The Experts


Walter Football: Robiskie's strong points are his understanding of the game and his attention to being precise on every play. He has great character which has been instilled in him by his father.

Mocking The Draft: Robiskie has top hands. Combine that with excellent agility and Robiskie can make difficult catches. Has the heart to play over the middle and knows how to absorb a hit. Comes from a football family and plays with a lot of intelligence. Knows how to take apart a zone defense, finding holes and sitting in them. Hard worker. Consistently tries to get extra yards after the catch. Has long arms and some strength allowing him beat press coverage.


Walter Football Robiskie has some inconsistencies as far as production goes but I believe a lot of that has to do with the run focused Ohio State offense. He lacks the speed to run by a defender and has to rely on quick cuts and good routes to get separation.

Mocking The Draft A lack of quickness is what holds Robiskie back from being a top receiving prospect. He has no burst off the line of scrimmage and doesn't explode out of his cuts very well. Robiskie should get stronger because he's rather thin and could get beat up against stronger opponents. Not a burner. Won't break away from many defensive backs.

Why Should Brian Robiskie Be a Jacksonville Jaguar

As I said, Robiskie is the opposite of Percy Harvin and Jeremy Maclin. He lacks the top end speed of those kind of playmakers. What Robiskie does possess however, may make him a greater asset for the Jaguars.

Harvin and Maclin come out of spread offenses, which puts them behind the curve on the intracies an NFL attack.

Robiskie's best year statistically came when Ohio State ran a primarily pro style offense, and he comes polished to a mirror shine on fundamentals.

On top of that, he is a top end character guy and would be able to help out what many are calling "The worst WR corps in the NFL."