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Tuesday Morning Shakedown: Meandering Musings


Greetings all!  I know you've been wondering just where in the world I've gone over the last week or so.  Let's just say that the real world got a little hot and heavy and I had to take a short breather to keep things going.  In the last few weeks I've started a new job, found an apartment, and just about finished my resettlement in a very southern part of the Sunshine state.

With that, of course, comes that I'm coming to a few recent Jaguars stories a bit late in the game.  I regret to say that I let the Jaguars fall from my list of priorities for a bit there, but have no fear, I'm ready to go as we enter the final stretch toward the NFL draft.

Speaking of the draft, the Jaguars picked up two seventh-round compensatory draft picks.  They're late in the draft and cannot be traded, but I'll take whatever we can get.  The Jaguars now have three picks in the seventh round, in a draft as deep as this it's like having an extra 6th as far as I'm concerned. 

I'm a big fan of the Jaguars offering Mark Sanchez a nice steak dinner, though only if it means that the New York Jets pay big time for the 8th overall pick in order to take him.  I'd like to see the Jaguars really pull a fast one and convince everyone that the Dirty Sanchez stops at 8, just so the Jets pony up their first and third and more to draft him.  On the flip side, I'm no fan of trading for Jay Cutler, despite how much I love the Denver Drama Debacle. 

Torry Holt: Eh.  I know we need a veteran receiver to groom our current group and to show David Garrard what's supposed to happen after a receiver catches the ball (hint, it's not "Fall Down"), but I just can't get excited about a player who's going to be expensive and probably not with the team when they get the train turned around.  Not that I'm expecting the Jaguars to take more than three seasons to get back to the Playoffs, but even a veteran WR like Holt seems more extravagant than what I read out of Gene Smith.

I think I've settled on who I'd like to see in Jacksonville if they have to stay at the 8th overall pick.  B.J. Raji.  Cal me crazy, but I'm still high on the guy, especially if paired with John Henderson.

Also, and I hope I'm not wrong on this, but I don't see the Jaguars trading Henderson.  It would add yet another hole to a team that still dosen't have the draft ammunition to fix all the gaps, especially on the defensive line.  I worry that trading Henderson would force the Jaguars to reach at DT.  Raji + Henderson = Good.  Raji + Trading Henderson = Bad.  The Jaguars current roster at DT includes Henderson, Derek Landri, Rob Meier, Atiyyah Ellison, and  Jonathan Lewis, the latter of which I failed to ever mention on BCC since they were signed.

You see how trading Henderson makes for an awfully thin group?

Anyhow, what's on your mind this morning?