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BCC is all about the Readers - Just my opinion

So is there a site where you find more information and informed opinions about the Jaguars than this one? If so, let me know, leave everyone a comment.

One thing I have been hearing is that people don't register because they think it costs money to register or money to join. Other people think their information will be shared with spam site. Neither is true. This is a truly free site and if you register, we get to hear your opinion. The only thing we ask is that you have something to say and not just knocking others down. Registering means you get to speak. We have a huge silent audience that I really would like to hear from.  Do we have an all male audience or are there any female Jags out there? Let's hear from you too!

I am getting a handle on Gene Smith slowly. He is more like Bill Parcells than anyone else, without the media presence. Gene Smith pays for performance. He doesn't pay for players to get hurt and heal and get hurt and heal again. He doesn't pay unless you show it, period. Bill Parcells may be loved or hated by the players but they all understand they earn their living on the football field. I think we have that type of attitude in Gene.

I see a lot of drafts with us taking a QB as if it is a foregone conclusion already. I can hear Mel Kiper calling Gene out if he doesn't take one. I think Gene is honestly looking at that possibility and this is no bluff. As some of you read in my last post, I was advised to look back at the Coughlin years to understand Gene. One thing is clear; the offensive and defensive lines did not go ignored under Tom. In rounds one, two and three you see a lot of tackles, guards, centers and defensive linemen. We are still living off of Tom's line drafting. That is the most notable change from the Tom era to the Shack era. The draft focus shifted away from the lines. Expect a return to the old ways.

It has been my honor to be a front page writer. Many times I don't feel I deserve it when I read all of your comments. So do me a favor, keep making me feel inferior. I love what you all have to say. SoCalSites, a front page nod.  John I still love the BS column idea. 

 - Terry