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Putting things into perspective


I sit here on Yuengling number seven or eight, and I'm wondering what to write. I must confess, I'm somewhat burnt-out on the scouting reports at the moment. Hopefully, something breaks soon on the Torry Holt situation.

Earlier tonight, I busted out my old telescope and went sky-watching. Saturn appeared quite vividly tonight by me, although it was something of a wasted opportunity, as it's in a seven year cycle where the rings simply appear as a big line going through the planet.

Then, something else came into view that I soon recognized as Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Here's something for the next time you want to look smart, what is the only space object that can't be seen with the naked eye that mankind has landed a probe on? Titan. If you were standing next to the Huygens probe, several stars on the other side of the Milky-Way would be brighter in the sky than Earth.

Another thing that's been in the news lately is Congress going after the bonuses AIG executives got from the bailouts. I know this isn't a political site, and I promised Chris not to unleash the election day can of worms again, but follow me. If I did my math right, if the bailout money went from sea-level to the moon, the executives would be standing around the peak of K2. That's about 1/100th the way to where most communication satellites are. The satellites are 1/100th of the way to the International Space Station. Now that you're at the ISS, you're 1/10th of the way to the moon. Get my point?

If not, here it is. Life is too short to be pulled in by the little details. Think critically for yourself. I already feel like an old man, considering none of the students in my AP US History class knew what the hell I was talking about when I mentioned the big rally after the playoff win against Denver, and I'm 22.

So what if ESPN ignores us?




I got tired of answering a half dozen emails a week on "Have you done a Scouting report on Player X", and I updated the BCC Draft-headquarters. The list of Scouting Reports done by the staff and members is located right below the fanposts. Also, if you've done a scouting report and it's NOT listed on there, shoot me an email and that will be corrected.