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Big Cat Country Community Mock Draft!

By your request, I humbly present the Big Cat Country Community Mock Draft.

Here's how it will work.  Today, I'm posting the first round draft order.  It's first come, first serve on each team, so in the comments pick which team you'll lead on "draft day".  I'll update who's drafting for which team here.

1 Detriot Lions: Terry
2 St. Louis Rams GoJags4218
3 Kansas City Chiefs: MentalVelocity
4 Seattle Seahawks: GoGuars21
5 Cleveland Browns Rufio904
6 Cincinnati Bengals John
7 Oakland Raiders: reems28
8 Jacksonville Jaguars: Chris
9 Green Bay Packers: JagSoldier
10 San Francisco 49ers: jlana24 
11 Buffalo Bills:  darkseraph18 
12 Denver Broncos: Slvrgun
13 Washington Redskins: JCJag
14 New Orleans Saints: Surteal
15 Houston Texans: floridaboiterk
16 San Diego Chargers: SoCalStites
17 New York Jets: Blair72
18 Chicago Bears:  floridafalcons#63
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Collin
20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas): Terry
21 Philadelphia Eagles:   KeepitReal
22 Minnesota Vikings: Zoltan from Budapest
23 New England Patriots: Kterr
24 Atlanta Falcons: kyjagsfan
25 Miami Dolphins: Guardian
26 Baltimore Ravens thatdamnLovett
27 Indianapolis Colts: aibtureman
28 Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina):  Abeaugh
29 New York Giants John
30 Tennessee Titans Jags
31 Arizona Cardinals: Joeyy89
32 Pittsburgh Steelers cuffs007


After we fill out the first round, we'll start drafting on Monday.  I think three picks a day is reasonable, with no-trades (sorry, things get crazy if we start trading around).

So, Pick your teams!


Edit: Also, for consistency's sake, some other ground rules I think will help out. Title your pick "BCC Mock Draft: With the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) pick, the (Team you're selecting for) select (Player name/position/college)"

While you don't need to be as indepth as if you were writing a scouting report, make sure to state the case for your pick best you can. Or in simplier terms, your goal is to not have anyone comment "Dude wtf, why did you pick him"

So we can keep this moving along steadily, if it is your day to pick (Ex: Monday will be Terry, GoJags4218, and MentalVelocity) the first pick is due by noon, second pick by 4pm, and last pick by 8pm.

Finally, act as if you really are the GM of the team your picking for. If you draft the Colts a back up JUCO punter in the first round we're going to delete your post and ask someone else to pick for them.

Anyways, I think I speak for everyone here I hope this turns out to be a huge success.