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Quick Bytes: Mid-Week Edition

We've got a litany of breaking news stories and analysis for you, be sure to check out some of these great reads... Oh, and scratch Monroe from the Jaguar's board while you're at it, please...

On a somber note... it appears that the 3 NFL players lost at sea gave up hope...

ESPN has two videos of roundtable discussions involving MJD.

Tra Thomas still isn't signed.

Drayton Florence agrees to a much smaller contract with Buffalo... Now we'll burn him this season.

Some Jaguars will host a Special Olympic event.

A list of the remaining UFA's available.

Kyle Brady discusses Fred Taylor.

Fantastic combine analysis... you should read this.

JagNation's Mock Draft Muncher (Their name, not mine).

Ten Free Agents under 30 who can make an impact... CJ Mosley and Khalif Barnes are on that list.

The Jaguars are perfecting their special teams... Great read.

Emperor Gene continues his cold, calculating maneuvers. Here's an overview.

BAP baby... Why we must focus on BAP.

A list of some potential late round picks for the Jags. Nice list and it only focuses on Jacksonville.

Analysis of why Stafford may slip to the Jags.

Jamaal Fudge was resigned by the Falcons... good for him!

Eugene Monroe has knee problems... take him off the Jaguar's board (Thanks Socal and Ewdtrey for bringing this to our attention).