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Policy Regarding Fanpost Promotion

[Note by River City Rage, 03/05/09 10:19 AM EST ] I'm gonna jump on what John said here.  I LOVE that we've got lots of folks posting scouting reports.  And we're going to put them on the front page, but I'd just like a little help from ya'll in the timing of it.  If you could stick to posting them on Monday's, Wednesday's or Friday's, I'd appreciate it.  The reason being is that I'd like to try and keep some non-draft stuff open for the rest of the week.

Also, I appreciate that everyone is keeping their Scouting Reports in the same "Better Know A" format that we've been using.  I'm a consistancy nut, so keeping them in that format makes me a happy camper.

Thank you for all the hard work!  We're going to have scouted almost a quarter of the draft pool by the time we get to mid-April, which is tremendous for a Jaguars site.

-Chris [/edit]

Two things to get out of the way

1. If you write a fanpost expressing your opinions very well and we like it, it will still be front paged. This is more towards the recent ahem, glut, of user done Scouting Reports.


2. We all appreciate the enthusiasm you guys have had doing these. Chris and I can both tell you what a pain doing some of these can be. However, this is also why there need to be some ground rules set in place.

Ok, now that we have those out of the way.

1. If you want your scouting report front paged, it has to be in the same style as the reports done by the writers here. If you punch in any prospect we've done so far, that report is almost certainly going to come up in the first page of a google search. That attracts a lot of new readers, and because of that, the main two things we want from them are consistency and quality. Please look at these three reports to get a good idea of what we're looking for

Malcolm Jenkins

Michael Oher

Pat White

2. We're going back to strictly posting reports on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're not sure yet how this is going to affect it entirely, BUT, we are no longer automatically front paging a scouting report.

3. When in doubt, all of the staff have their emails publicly available.

Thanks, and keep help making BCC the best Jaguar site on the net