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Matt Jones: Violation of Probation


[Editorial addition: As more and more about this story comes out, it appears that Matt Jones actually failed a urine test on Feb 27th for alcohol which prompted his appearance in court. He said the failed test stemmed from drinking he did the day before. You have to get incredulously drunk for alcohol to show up in your urine the next day since one drink an hour is metabolized by normal people {John/FS BLUE, for example, probably digests it almost twice as fast ;) }. This story is getting more interesting. Bad decision, that's the bottom line... I want so badly to like this guy and for him to succeed, but c'mon man!]

Earlier today, Matt Jones was arrested for violation of probation when he reported to his Judge that he'd been drinking alcohol while golfing (Isn't that a requirement in order to golf?). His original charge was for possession of a controlled substance, so when he violated his probation, he was again charged with the original crime (that's what happens if you don't successfully complete the probation without getting arrested). Hence, it shows up as possession of a controlled substance when in fact, it was just a violation of probation for drinking. 

Matt came clean to the judge and explained that he'd been drinking while golfing and the judge decided to violate him. It was her duty as an officer of the court to do this, otherwise it looks like preferential treatment.

The key here is that maybe this means that Matt has undergone a change in character. If he's become so noble that he admitted to drinking when there was no proof of it, maybe he HAS changed, and is intent on accepting responsibility when he makes a mistake. I really like Matt and I imagine he'll be suspended, but I can't see it being any more significant than his previous suspension. Czar Goodell is notorious for looking at the situation on a whole. This will only be Matt's second incident, and it only occurred because of his honesty. I hope I'm right about my assessment of his character, and I hope he doesn't face further suspension. He looks to be turning his life around and I hope he continues to turn his career around as well. Maybe he can still earn a contract extension if he really does continue to exhibit such responsible behavior.