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Big Cat Country Weekend Edition: Mauler Mentality

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."           ~Confucius~ 

Beauty to me, is Manuwai pancaking a smallish DT.

Beauty to me, is seeing Greg Jones destroy a SS coming up to fill the hole. 

Beauty to me, is seeing Maurice Jones-Drew flatline Shaun Merriman.

Beauty to me, is seeing a Brad Meester glide to the second level and take out another defender. Man he's smooth.

Beauty to me, is going to a game in Tampa where the Jags beat the Bucs, and opened the game with 15 of their first 16 plays on the ground. "What was the other play", you ask? A middle screen to MJD... Man, that's beautiful. 

Identity. Who are the Jacksonville Jaguars? One year ago I would have told you they were contenders. Today, I stand before you with a far different proposal, a new vision for our beloved Jaguars. We must channel our inner "Mauler", and regain our identity as one of the most physical teams in America. The Jaguars' have always represented the underdogs, the down-trodden, the have-nots, the afterthought... 

No more! The engineers of our 2007 dominance on the ground are back, and appear to be ready to go after nearly a full season on hiatus. Meester and Manuwai will hopefully be major beneficiaries of the new training regimen. The team has clear needs at the C and LT positions long term, however, I'll take Meester's mind and experience over a younger more virile rookie.