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Big Cat Country Contest: Who do we play opening day?

With the release of the 2009 NFL Schedule this evening, I thought it might be fun to see who can guess the Jaguars opening game opponent.  Obviously there will be a tie, so the only prize is bragging rights, but that shouldn't stop you from tossing in your two cents.

We know it won't be the Titans, as they play the Steelers on opening day.  We can also assume that the Jaguars will be on the road as their recent performance has not justified a home opener.

So, the Jaguars will probably play one of these teams: Indianapolis, Houston, NYJ, Seattle, San Fran or Cleveland.

My guess is a long road trip to Seattle.

What do you think? 

Other questions:  Will the Jaguars play their division early or late this season?  Will we get a featured matchup against the Colts in prime-time?  Will we get anywhere close to a Monday Night game?

What are your schedule thoughts?