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Gene Smith has a Heart


I just watched the press conference about MJD's contract extension, and was very pleased at what I saw.


In a shocking display of what can only be deemed, emotion. Gene Smith referred to Maurice as a son he wished he had. I can't think of a kinder thing to say. Gene has plenty of respect for MJD, and comments like that are the only glimpse into the heart of Gene  we will ever see. Gene Smith is a man's man. You'll never see this man cry, and trust me, you don't want to see him angry...

Our Beloved Emperor had his chief enforcer, Del Rio, at his side and wearing all black... how appropriate. Gene clearly runs the show, and it becomes apparent during any press conferences where both are present and speaking. Gene speaks first, and clearly sets the tone. He says his piece efficiently, and obviously is looking for players just like Jones-Drew. I hold Gene in the highest esteem, and will expect nothing less than a disciplined, strong willed team. Quitting will no longer be an option. Give up, and you'll have to hope that the "team" is the only place you get cut at....

We're closing in on the all important Draft, and soon all of our off season dreams, thoughts, and attempts to be a GM will bear fruit. Some of us will be crushed, disappointed, dejected even. Others will be elated, excited, and stoked their guy got picked... Or because we traded down. In the end, we'll all circle around our newest team members, and begin breaking down their collegiate careers. Tic...tock....tic....tock.