Boldin, Holt, Moreno, Harivn...What an Offense that Sells Tickets...It could happen!

Could this be the perfect situation for the Jags to work out the best trades and draft in the team's history? When looking at the state of the Jag nation, we need to understand that we must create some excitement and have some PLAYERS that our market will buy a ticket to see. That means offensive...offensive...offensive! And, Players our collage heavy town knows and will support. I am tired of watching us far short and we have a small window to make a real run at the Superbowl. So we must make the most of it now! It's not Garrad's fault either. He had an impotent receiving corps and a weak O-line giving him no time last year. Drafting another quarterback is not what you do to a person you claimed as your commander and paid big money to last year. The NFL is a business and selling tickets is what it’s all about in the end. So  consider this ideal scenario: 1). Jags trade 8th pick and a second round pick next year to Denver for their 12th and 18th pick this year. 2). Jags trade Cardinals a 1st round pick for next year and sign Antwan Boldin (A Florida Native) (Best Choice). Jags also sign Tory Holt. He is very dependable veteran and stable but not as explosive as Boldin. But at the very least we must get Boldin. He will get the Nole nation out to the stadium. Jag’s have the money to pull this off too. 3). Jags can use their 12th and 18th pick to get another top receiver and running back here. Although we signed Drew...he is an injury away from the sideline at any time and running backs take too much punishment and we need a backup in this critical position. I think we should take Georgia Running back Moreno at 12th pick (Generates huge support from the strong base of Ga fans in Jacksonville) and then Percy Harvin (A Florida standout) who is very explosive from anywhere on the field and will get the gator nation to buy tickets too. 4). The Jags should be able to pick up Josh Freeman K-State's QB in the second round to backup Garrard. A good safe pick or maybe even be able to get another Wideout like Ohio State's Robiski (very safe pick) in early round two. Then the Jags can focus on the draft to fill the problems in the O-line that was way too thin last year. This could create more buzz and ticket sales than ever in Jacksonville! Just think of that lineup. Garrad behind a good solid O-line with Jones Drew and Moreno in the backfield...Percy Harvin in the slot or H-Back spot and Antwan Boldin and Holt on the outside. What an offensive that could be! It would be defensive coordinator’s nightmare and sell a lot of tickets I’m sure. What do you think?         

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