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Taking some time off

The first time I ever heard of the "Jacksonville Jaguars" was when I was six. I was watching Power Rangers and my dad came in to announce he had gotten season tickets. I had no idea what football was, what a Jaguar was, or why this was more important than the Power Rangers defeating Lord Zed.I believe the only thing I cared about was that jets would fly over the stadium, and that was because I thought my ears would explode.

Who would have guessed three years later, I would be in Alltel Stadium looking on at the most famous play in Jaguars history. On my left was one of my best friends in 5th grade, who last I has heard is currently serving a prison sentence for manslaughter. On my right was my dad, who I assume was already preparing to tell me why the Jaguars hadn't made the playoffs.

Then it happened. The North endzone erupted. Then slowly, very slowly, the whole stadium realized it. Morten Andersen had missed the kick. A few weeks later I would witness the team come to the stadium after defeating Denver in the Divisional Round.

Fond memories are always my most treasured keep sake. No matter the person or event, I always try to remember them at their best.  This is also why I'm taking an extended leave from Big Cat Country. Since I graduated from Florida State in December my life has been a whirlwind. I've gotten a new job, received a promotion, and then had to deal with various emotional family matters.

With the various partnerships SBN has formed recently, along with Chris, Collin, and Terry's standard of making Big Cat Country the best site to get Jaguars content, I feel I can't give my 100% to the site at this time.

This isn't a resignation, but a move to give myself to time to recharge and once again be 100% committed to the site.

I hope all of the site's users have enjoyed my scouting reports, post game analysis, and other pieces. I look forward to seeing you all on Draft Day.


Jonathan Loesche