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Torry Holt Signs 3-Year Contract


Torry makes a break for the "First Coast".

Michael Wright reports that Torry Holt is officially a Jacksonville Jaguar. This is fantastic news! As gun-shy as some of us may be about Free Agents, and rightfully so, this is a dream match. Torry Holt gets a chance to continue his career as a number one reciever, and be paid like it. The Jaguars get a proven veteran with great character (he won't be yelling at his offensive coordinator during the playoffs).

[Note by River City Rage, 04/20/09 9:26 PM EDT ] Michael Wright reports the specifics of the contract:

The deal contract is worth $13 million, and can reach $20 million with incentives. It includes a base salary of $4 million (all guaranteed) for the upcoming season, in addition to salaries of $4 million and $5 million in 2010 and 2011

The total package is three years and 20 million dollars. The amount of guaranteed money as well as the specific breakdown of the contract are still unknown, on the length and total have been released.

For this meager sum, Torry will be expected to mentor the younger WR's including Mike Walker, whom the team still expects big things from. Torry is an exceptional route-runner, which has allowed him to remain productive despite losing a step to Father Time. He's a great leader, however, I have fears about the strength of his knees. I would accept any argument against Torry Holt based on likelihood of injury, coupled with his age. Last year, our big time FA didn't even make it through camp. I'll be the first to say it here, I would be surprised if Torry Holt played the entire season without missing at least one game. That being said, I expect big things from the guy and hope he doesn't catch the aforementioned injury bug. It is something that must be considered as a possibility, he IS older than Jerry Porter.

What do you think of the Jaguars' token "Big-Name Free Agent" for 2009, Torry Holt