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The affect of free agency on the #8 draft pick

I believe some need a readjustment with their thoughts concerning Torry Holt, Tra Thomas, and the #8 overall pick. I have seen comments on BCC, Jagnation, and to the effect of "Well, we should get out of the #8 pick no matter what now"


I disagree with Vic on many subjects, however, have you people learned anything? Free agency is a short term fix. Thomas and Holt are both in their thirties. If they each finish their three year deals as effective starters I'll be happy. If Andre Smith or Eugene Monroe are staring Gene Smith in the face on draft day and he doesn't have a king's ransom in picks, he should still pick the tackle.


How should this effect the Jaguar's draft plans? Not in any way. If nothing else, two high profile signings should give Emperor Gene breathing room to be able to trade down if a big name player is available.


Everyone just cool off and let the pieces fall into place.