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Bold Predictions: The Jaguars 2009 NFL Draft

Tic...tock... tic...tock...

Time is running out, the draft boards are in their final stages of preparation, and before the week is through we'll know the make-up of our 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars. This will be Gene Smith's first draft as Supreme Ayatollah of the Jaguar Nation, and reports confirm he isn't taking this event lightly. 

Gene Smith has left no stone unturned; he's reportedly spoken with all 31 other teams about draft day trade possibilities in every round.

This should be encouraging to every Jag fan out there. We want to trade down and accumulate as much value as possible, and as many players as possible. The Jaguars sill need more mid-round picks, and trades will do that. Expect more than one opportunity for the Jags to move down to present itself. Gene sure has put in the effort to see this come to fruition.

The Jaguars will be able to grab value at the Number 8 slot regardless of Sanchez being there or not. I bet we can move out to a team that wants Raji before the Packers inevitably snag him, 8 is also the place to do that. If the Seahawks grab Sanchez, I expect Either Eugene Monroe, Andre Smith, or Aaron Curry to still be around. This is predicated on someone taking Jason Smith before us as well. I don't like the kid as far as run-blocking goes, but apparently some people are very high on him. 

The Jaguars will have the opportunity to pass on Percy Harvin... TWICE. They will do so... Twice!

Recent medical concerns have surfaced about Harvin and his apparent previous operations.  When combined with his drug test results, and purported attitude problems, I doubt he's taken until the middle of the 2nd round.

-Collin Streetman