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Another set of bold predictions

1. Seattle will draft Mark Sanchez at #4, derailing the Jaguars best hope of trading out of the eight pick.

2. Michael Crabtree will fall and be available at #8. However, his injury history will make Gene Smith not pull the trigger on him and will also make teams not offer enough to get the Jags to trade out.

3.  At approximately 5:16 PM EST, we will hear the words "With the eight selection in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select, Andre Smith, Tackle, Alabama."

4. Some team is going to take a gamble and select Pat White in the 2nd round

5. The offensive line theme will continue in the 2nd round and either Alex Mack or Max Unger will be the pick.

6. Not really a prediction, but just stop and think of this offensive line on opening day

LT: Tra Thomas

LG: Vince Manuwai

C: Brad Meester/2nd round pick(Headline camp battle, anyone?)

RG: Tony Pashos

RT: Andre Smith


7. The number of times we'll hear an ESPN talking head say the Jaguars messed up with trading Marcus Stroud and should have taken BJ Raji.

8. Shack Harris' administration started off with the longest rookie holdout in franchise history. I say Gene Smith will make sure whoever the first round pick is one of the first five signed.

That's it for me, see everyone on draft day


[Editor's note: SilenceCS - Just wanted to make one more bold prediction for the draft. This weekend will be John Henderson's last weekend in teal. He'll be part of a draft-day trade. It was nice knowing you, Henderson...]