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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread: How to follow the draft

Two hours, forty one minutes and a few seconds remain until the draft.  If you're like me, you're searching the internet, tuning into ESPN or NFLN, or maybe just constantly refreshing Big Cat Country for the latest scoop.

Unfortunately for all of us, unless something actually happens, the war rooms are sealed, anything that Mel Kiper throws out there is as close to a guess, and nobody really knows anything.  It's the calm before the storm, so to speak.

But that dosen't mean that there arn't a few great ways to follow along with the draft.

First and foremost, Dan at Mocking the Draft has done an outstanding job all off season, so before he goes on a much deserved post-draft vacation (I know I would), be sure to drop them a visit or three over the weekend.  Also, friends of Big Cat Country with Mile High Report and Bleeding Green Nation are members of the NFL Draft Credentialled Media and are worth a look.

Now, let's talk about some of the recent comments that we've heard out of Radio City.

1. ESPN is still reporting that the Redskins and Jets are very interested in moving up to get Matt Sanchez and said that Jacksonville is the most likely candidate for a trade.  The Rams, unless they draft him and trade later, will not convince a team to trade to the second overall selection.  If Seattle passes, and that's likely, the Jaguars become the auctioneer in a two way bidding war for Sanchez.  I don't know about you, but I'm salivating at the thought of all those picks.

Now, I don't really care which teams pick we get in the first round, as long as there's a second and third attached with it.  I'm greedy when it comes to these picks.

2. ESPN's touch screen gimick is buggy.  Very funny.

3. I wish I had NFL Network.

Consider this another open thread: