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Jacksonville Jaguars select Eben Britton in round two!




Gene Smith liked Eugene Monroe so much in round one he drafted Eugene Monroe Jr in round two. Eben Britton is a junior Offensive Tackle from Arizona coming out early.  The comparison to Eugene Monroe is uncanny and says a lot about where this team is going. Eben has played both sides of the offensive line as both a right tackle and then left tackle.  No matter where he was, he made an impact.  In 1,299 plays in which he was on the field, he allowed 10 sacks and three QB pressures.  He is also credited with throwing the key block 39% of the time Arizona ran for a touchdown.  These stats are very close to what Eugene Monroe produced.

Eben Britton is a scholar athlete with a bright mind.  Hey, just like Eugene. Eben is credited by his coach as being a humble guy, unselfish, team oriented and the real leader of the offense.  Wow, exactly like Eugene. Any idea how deep this draft analysis went with Gene leading it?

Somehow I doubt Tra Thomas, Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton are going to compete for the same left tackle spot.  It doesn't matter, I think Gene was determined to ensure David and Maurice have a chance to play to their best.  I am betting these guys will earn big Christmas gifts from their QB and RB.

Could we have gone in a different direction with round two?  Yes.

Could we have found a better man and better player? I don't think so.

Eben Britton is the second WONDERFUL selection.