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Offensive Tackle Eugene Monroe: Draft Day Notable Quotables


(on if he knew he’d be a Jaguar): I had no idea. Prior to this, I had positive conversations with a lot of teams, but I just took that and waited until today when my name was called, and I'm a Jaguar.

(on a message he'd like to give to his new teammates): I'm coming to work.

(on whether he had an idea the Jaguars would pick him): No. No idea. I mean the last I had talked to a Jaguar was Pro Day and I didn't take a visit, so I had no idea. This is a surprise for me.

(on being a top 10 pick): All I can say about being a top 10 pick right now is I'm just blessed. I'm just excited for myself, for my family, my friends who all came out. Everyone back home and at school. It's just incredible. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

(on his first goal): To work my way and earn a starting position

(on whether he talked to Chris Long about the draft experience): Yeah, I spoke to Chris about this process because he was here. I was actually here with him last year, so I experienced a bit of it with him, so I knew what would be going on. It was a great week though.

(on if he's glad it's over): I'm so glad it's over. All the uncertainty. You do everything in your power and just wait. You have no control, but now it's finally here.

(on his next plans): I'll go back to Charlottesville…I have camp this weekend. I was speaking to my coach just a moment ago, and then I'll just see from there.

(on his relationship with D'Brickashaw Ferguson): Well during my first year of college, he was a mentor to me. I learned a lot from him. And then after he left, I studied much of his film to help improve my game.

(on what it was like growing up with his siblings): Well they weren't all in the house. A lot of them are much older than I am. I'm the youngest of the bunch...Some of them are here. One of my older brothers is in the green room. Another is in the stands with some of my friends and family and my teammates.

(on being the biggest of his siblings): I think I have a brother an inch or two taller than me, but overall I'm the biggest.

(on meeting coach Del Rio): I met him at the combine. At the combine, you're slotted fifteen minutes to meet with each team and you don't get a great sense of people, but pretty soon, I'll get to spend some time with him.