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2009 NFL Draft: Day Two Live Blog/Open Thread

Top of the morning Big Cat Country! Your humble narrator, despite missing most of the first day because of work, slept like a rock with dreams of pancakes from the left tackle and right tackle of the future. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the selections. The Jaguars have very quickly turned a position of weakness into one of strength, an offensive line that can keep David Garrard on his feet and looking downhill will open up the offense in ways that compeltely offset passing on Crabtree.

So if you're looking for playmakers at wide receiver, it'll have to be in the second round.

I'll be adding my commentary from yesterday as the day goes on, consider this an open thread for the start of the 2nd round.

By the way, who do you want the Jaguars to select in the early 3rd? I'm leaning toward Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri, 6’6, 252, but that's just just a hunch.