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2009 NFL Draft: Open Thread/Live Blog , Part 2

The 3rd round was 80% more dramatic for the Jaguars than we expected.  Derek Cox, the corner from William & Mary (or the Flat Hat Club, as I call them) was a stunning pickup that cost the Jaguars their 2nd round pick next year.  I get the impression that he's a stealth prospect that other teams were hoping would fall, but Jacksonville pulled the trigger early.

(H/T to Leon321 for finding these Cox videos)

At this link you can find a great video of an 89 yard punt return for a touchdown against Northeastern in 2008:

Here’s a video of Cox’s 45 yard interception return against N.C. State:

Terrence Knighton is a more traditional run-stuffing defensive tackle.  Not much drama there.

What do you think of the draft so far?  Any other surprises?