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Parting Thoughts

I put the axe to the grind starting 11am EST again tomorrow. I enjoyed this draft weekend tremendously and it reminded me why I became a part of BCC's staff in the first place. I expect to return in full swing shortly after Memorial Day. I just wanted to wrap up my thoughts on the first leg of the 2009 season and ask ya'll for some input.

1. Can anyone pleae tell me why Derek Cox was playing at William and Mary and not a major BCS team? A 6'1 corner who ran a 4.37 40 and could beat Superman in a leaping tall buildings contest should have attracted interest from someone.

2. My projected offensive line opening day






We'll find out very fast if Mr.Monroe was worth #8 money if his first career start is against Dwight Freeney.

3. I guarantee Gene Smith has Monroe in camp.

Now, onto reader feedback. I have had a few ideas bouncing around in my head for this upcoming season. I'll attach a poll and comments are always appreciated.

1. I want to start up a weekly College football article that will be posted on Saturday morning. It would be my thoughts on various game, players, storylines, etc.

2. An idea I've been toying around with since late last season is doing a video game preview. I never got them to the quality I wanted them, however, if there is interest I'll start on getting things in place.