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Big Cat Country loses a friend: The untimely loss of my Laptop.

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We have gathered here today to mourn the loss of a close friend of Big Cat Country.  My MacBookPro, who's been with me for over two years, passed away during the night.  She had a wonderful life, covering two drafts, going to New York City and Indianapolis for the Combine, traveling overseas, and being with us for the ups and downs of a good season and a bad one.  My MacBook has done it all, live blogged press conferences, watched games, avoided screwdriver spills at bars and survived all sorts of travel and abuse.

Now, it's hard to get sad about this, she did not fall to a virus or malware, no, she went to sleep and never woke up after a long life.  While it's frustrating, let's remember that my MacBook waitied until after the draft and the reading of all 3,000 comments before falling apart.

In all seriousness, my laptop died this morning and it will effect my blogging in the short term.  A replacement, thankfully, is under control, though these things never happen at a good financial time.  I ask for your understanding if I'm a little quiet this week, as I'm living on borrowed computer power.  My computer, however strange this sounds, is as much a part of my being a Jaguars fan as anything else.  It's been to countless sports bars in Missouri and Florida, avoiding spills and staying connected as I live blog from afar.  It's as much connected to my game day experience as Yuengling and Screwdrivers.

So, tonight, I pay my respects.  Thank you MacBook Pro, I know two years seems short, but I don't think anyone uses their computer for work and play as much as I do.  I'd bet that of the 2 years I've owned it, it's been powered down for less than 20 days.  Parting, is such sweet sorrow, of course, but I'm not mad.  Sure, It's hard to afford a new one, but I really couldn't have asked for more out of a laptop.

So raise your glass tonight for my MacBook, the next one just won't be the same.