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Who will the Draft Choices meet on Friday?

Welcome to Jacksonville! The first thing we want you to understand is we are the NFL, you are nobody. That is the first reaction Jack Del Rio wants to inflict on our new rookie members. I remember last year when Quentin Groves arrived, spent a couple of days in mini-camp and left saying he needed to learn technique. Jack loves the shock value of mini-camp. Put the rookies opposite the veterans and left them witness the size and strength and technique. Also, they will meet the most important person in their lives, their coach. Here is how they will hear it this weekend, and Blair72 would understand this, "Rookies, your mother isn't here. I'm your new mother and your new father and we have a relationship to build". So let's meet the Jaguars as if we are a rookie.


 "Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton over here please" Andy Heck, Offensive line coach barks out.  Meet Andy Heck, Tackle Notre Dame 1985-88. Pro Tackle Seattle 1989-1993, Chicago 1994-98, Washington 1999-2000. College coach: Virginia 2001-03.  Everything these guys want to be, Andy has been.


  "Hen, can you step over here please" Andy barks out.  "Would you mind giving Eben and Eugene a bit of pass rush please?"  I think they will get the point.



Receives coach Todd Monken calls out "Thomas, Dillard, Underwood, over here".  Todd Monken is very excited, but he doesn't want to show it.


"Rashean, can you step over here please".  Rashean is worried about Dillard but won't let him show him up.

And so it goes, the rookies will meet their masters this weekend and find out they aren't all they thought they were.  That is what Jack Del Rio wants.  The camp battle start this weekend. Are you going to be there?