Jacksonville Jaguars 5th Round Draft Pick: Rice Wide Receiver Jarret Dillard


For three years in a row Jarret Dillard has had thousand yard seasons, while tying the NCAA career TD mark at 60 over 4 years. If your wondering if Rice is the reason you have'nt heard of him, there's more. The reason Dillard has flown under the radar is because of his size. Dillard stands 5'11" and weighs only 191 pounds. Will this be a factor in his transition to the NFL or will he be the next Steve Smith and defy all odds? Lets look at Jarrett Dillard a little more in depth and make our own opinion:

Jarrett Dillard by the Numbers

  • Height 5'11"
  • Weight 191 lb.'s
  • 40 yd dash 4.57
  • Vertical Jump 42", first among wr's
  • 10'9" Broad Jump, tied for first among wr's
  • 7.10 on 3-cone drill
  • 4.41 20-yard shuttle
  • 2008 numbers: 87 receptions, 1,310 yards, 20 TD's
  • Career numbers: 292 receptions, 4,138 yards, 60 TD's
  • Video Killed the Scouting Report

    Jarrett Dillard footage and interview, along with coach's take

    Jarrett Dillard Phone Interview with

    Scouting Reports Positives

    FF Toolbox: Dillard is a small wide receiver who plays bigger than his size. He is very fast (having been clocked in the upper 4.30s-lower 4.40s range). He is a more polished route runner than many of the other small school WR prospects. Dillard is very explosive and athletic; A home run threat any time he has the ball.

    New Era Scouting's: Ultra productive in three plus years as Rice’s main offensive threat. Has continuously outperformed expectations throughout his football career. Holds the NCAA record for career touchdown receptions. Elite level leaping ability and body control. Will consistently attack the ball at its highest point, and can make circus catches from time to time. Extremely dangerous on fly routes and jump balls in the endzone. Has a lanky frame with long arms. Plays about three inches taller than he actually is. Won’t blow you away, but can surprise you with his speed in zone coverage. Runs crisp routes and gets low with most of his cuts. Possesses very soft hands, and extends to haul in passes well away from his body. Doesn’t need to be wide open in order to make a big catch. Has a decent-to-good first step off the line of scrimmage. Extremely hard worker who is in outstanding shape and has a near perfect bill of health. A team leader who is well spoken and brings zero character concerns. Productive receiver with long arms and adequate size. Very reliable hands, snatching the ball away from his body. Can free himself off press coverage using his hands and quick movements on the line. Excellent route-runner as he stays low in his cuts, sells the jerk route well and does not round off out-cuts. Good vision and a naturally elusive runner with the ball in his hands. Lulls defenders to sleep off the line, then takes off down the seam. Adjusts to throws to his outside shoulder.

    Scouting Report Negatives

    FF Toolbox: Because of his size, Dillard has trouble getting a quick break off the line -- he has been overpowered with relative ease as a blocker.

    New Era Scouting's: Very athletic overall, but not much of a burner. Doesn’t play very physical and will be easily knocked off his route at the next level. Needs to get stronger in both his upper and lower body. His weaker level of competition at Rice is a bit of a question mark. Undersized and likely suited for a slot receiver role, but won’t be able to run away from NFL nickel backs as a #3 wideout. Not the most explosive player you’ll find at his position. Is only average in his ability to change directions in the open field. Won’t be able to create nearly as much separation from defenders as he did at the college level. Might never become the deep threat he’s capable of being due to a lack of top end speed. Lacks great athleticism and explosiveness off the line. Lacks the pure speed to separate from corners or safeties. Has trouble getting to corners and linebackers to block at the second level. Gets knocked off his routes too easily. Won't win many battles for the ball in the air because of relatively weak hands and vertical, although he can shield the defender. Likely a slot receiver. Must adapt to a new quarterback after building a great relationship with Clement.

    Interesting Tidbits

    Houstonist: "...Dillard and quarterback Chase Clement set an NCAA record for most quarterback-to-receiver career touchdowns (41).For his career, Dillard leaves Rice as one of the most potent receivers in NCAA history. His 60 career touchdowns is an NCAA record for wide receivers. Dillard also holds the NCAA record for most games with a touchdown catch in a season (13) and he also set the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown catch (13) back in 2006. Dillard has also recorded 37 games with a touchdown which is also an NCAA record." "His is an inspirational story that any player who was ignored by the powerful programs can find solace in, especially since Rice prevailed in a less-than-intense recruiting race with Division III Wabash to get him.

    Dillard beat the odds through hard work, determination, commitment and three squares a day. He has spent the past several weeks at the D1 training complex in Franklin, Tenn., hoping to become the first Rice player in six years to be selected in the NFL draft.

    'I never dreamed this and I never expected to be here,' Dillard said a few minutes before starting another grueling workout, which has become as much a part of his daily routine as brushing his teeth. 'I thought I'd go to Rice, play my heart out and graduate. But here I am in Nashville, training for the NFL Combine. I never knew anybody from my high school who could tell me about this experience. I guess I'm a trailblazer.'

    Ironically, Dillard was signed by a coach that only halfway liked to throw the ball. Porter Dillard said then-Rice coach Ken Hatfield offered a scholarship at the last minute because another prospect turned down the Owls and that Jarett had the grades to meet Rice's demanding academic standards."

    Daily Texan Online: "I know exactly where he is going to be," Clement said. "I don’t ever have to worry about him running the wrong route or taking seven steps when he should take six."

    "I can tell by his eyes if I’m open or not, if somebody’s on my tail," Dillard said. "If he gives me those eyes, I know it’s coming and I’ll just run with him. It’s just natural between us."

    Why he should be on the Jaguars

    Jarrett Dillard has the proverbial "chip" on his shoulder. He has been told his whole life he was "too small" and he was only offered a scholarship to one D-1 school, Rice. He was only offered this due to Rice losing a recruit. He accomplishes amazing feats. He has "zero character concerns". He never misses a step on his routes. He is late round choice (3-5, but more likely 4). He will play his heart out and he wants his vertical jump to get to 47", that's mind-boggling. When he is in the air he attacks the ball at its height. My question to you is,"Why wouldn't you want this guy on your team?". I am now forever a fan of Jarret Dillard.

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