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Where did the draft value come in 2008?

OK we all agree, value drafting, BAP, get the best at the right spot. Let's look back on the 2008 draft and see where the most value was scored.

At Quarterback, the candidates are Matt Ryan (3), Joe Flacco (18) or Chad Henne (57). I could argue that Ozzie Newsome scored big at #18, but who can deny Matt Ryan? I would say at #3, the Atlanta Falcons scored the QB of the draft, worth all of #3 money.

At Running back we have Darren McFadden (4), Jonathan Stewart (13), Chris Johnson (24), Matt Forte (44) or Steve Slaton (89). You could argue Chris Johnson with 1228 yards. In fact the argument should be over except Steve Slaton put up 1,659 total yards. I have to give the nod to the Texans on this one, Steve Slaton in the third round was a great selection and gets my vote as value Running Back of 2008.

At Receiver we nominate Donnie Avery (33), Eddie Royal (42) or DeSean Jackson (49). Eddie Royal was unstoppable catching over 90 passes for the Broncos. DeSean Jackson caught 62 passes for 912 yards. I have to say it is very close but second round receiver Eddie Royal gets my vote as value receiver of 2008.

Offensive Tackle we nominate Ryan Clandy (12), Jeff Otah (19) or Duane Brown (26). Offensive Tackles are all first round selections (hint hint Gene) with no one below the first round making any impression. Of these three, I have to go with Ryan Clandy at the number 12 pick. He just dominated for the Broncos and was a better selection than Jake Long for the money. Jeff Otah was a close second.

On Defensive Line we nominate no one. There was not a single Defensive Lineman taken in 2008 that made any noise or earned their money. One honorable mention goes to Jason Jones (54) for the Titans with 31 tackles and 5 sacks. Also if anyone sees Glen Dorsey (5) or Vernon Gholston (6) or Sedrick Ellis (7) can you point them to the football facility please?

Linebacker we nominate Jerod Mayo (10) or Curtis Lofton (37). A very small class of successful linebackers emerged from the class of 2008. Jerod Mayo was the defensive rookie of the year with 126 tackles. Curtis Lofton got 87 tackles and the starting middle linebacker spot for the Falcons. I think Bill Belichick got the most value out of the number 10 pick here.

Finally Defensive Backs we nominate Rodgers-Cromartie (16) Antoine Carson (27) or Terrell Thomas (63). As a CB we find Rodgers-Cromartie had 4 interceptions, 19 passes defended and 39 tackles for the Cardinals. That isn't bad. Terrell Thomas for the Giants had 30 tackles, one interception and four passes defended. Antoine Carson for the Chargers had 59 tackles, 7 passes defended and 2 interceptions. I have to say Rodgers-Cromartie was the best long term star of the draft for the Cardinals at selection 16. I like to see passes defended over tackles as it shows tighter coverage for a corner.

So what we find is for 2008 it was hit or miss at every position. Good Offensive Tackles were all first round selections and good QB's were first rounders. Great receivers came in round two, good running backs were found in round three. Defensive players, linemen and linebackers had more miss than hits and were very risky draft choices. A good corner back is a first round selection. What did I learn? Take Andre Smith if he is sitting there. I want to see that big ugly body in a Jag uniform.

What did I miss? Who do you think represented the most value in 2008?