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Jaguars' Practice Squad Player Updates 2009

Three players who spent some time on the Jaguars 2009 practice squad made it through the offseason. They have successfully transitioned to earn a chance to compete for one of the coveted active roster spots. Drew Miller, Charles Davis, and Mkristo Bruce are expected to provide stiff competition for the incoming rookies, and they will have the advantage of participating in their second training camp. These players will have every opportunity to snag a roster spot come September,

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Drew Miller C/G - Last year's Cecil Newton

The talented University of Florida Center, Drew Miller, is a heady, quick interior linemen who came to the team in UDFA last season. He was too small coming into his rookie year to help out much, but his competitiveness and versatility on the line earned him a spot last year. Miller is 6'5", 303 lbs, and is ready to make it happen in his second year. Quite a few people have been touting Cecil Newton, the talented UDFA the team signed this year after the draft. If Drew Miller has anything to say about it, Cecil will lose out and take Drew's spot on the practice squad.

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Charles Davis TE - Will battle Angulo, Estandia, and Zack Miller for a spot.

Notice to all: Wrighster is gone, Lewis is our number one, and you better bring the wood, cuz Jaguar TE's have to block. Either Estandia or Angulo will likely be shown the door this offseason, even if 4 TE's are kept. Zach Miller and Charles Davis will likely compete for the 3rd TE spot. The team would like to carry less than four TE's, but they may carry four if Zack Miller is versatile, but not a great blocker. My money is on Lewis, Estandia, and Miller, but Charles Davis may surprise some of us. Charles Davis is 6'6" 260 lbs, and is known as a guy the team feels can play at this level.

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Mkristo Bruce DE - What have you done for me lately?

Bruce was the Jaguars' Mr. August, last year. He scored 2.5 sacks in one preseason game against the Falcons, and in doing so, Bruce instantly caught Del Rio's eye. He only got the opportunity thanks to Derrick Harvey's extended holdout, and he made the most of his chance. Bruce will again have a preseason to show off his skills, but unless he's showing improvement, he's toast. The team has Harvey, Groves, and Hayward penciled in as guaranteed players. There is room on the rotation for another DE, will Bruce be the man? At 6'6", 260 lbs, he's got the frame to do it.

These three players have a much better chance of making the squad than does anyone from UDFA, so keep an eye on them and know their names.

-Collin Streetman