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The View from 10,000 Feet:

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Jacksonville Municipal Stadium: From 10,000 Feet (estimated)

I used to have a boss who had, amongst other unique attributes, a tendency to view the world through a very strict filter.  You see, we worked in a industry that sometimes lets the immediate day-to-day interactions and requirements for instant reaction take over strategy and the overall plan.  We would have weekly conference calls where our staff would offer their interpretation of the days campaign, often letting one or two specific incidents cloud the overall picture.

In order to filter through this over-reaction, my boss would insist that we offered perspectives that were taken "from 10,000 feet".  If the sample wasn't large enough to register from a broader perspective, it wasn't important enough to discuss. For me, it prevented awful conference calls from taking hours and hours, though it also taught me something about understanding the bigger picture.

Of course, this relates back to the Jaguars as they work to rebuild through the summer.  Things are going to happen with the team, players will try new positions, receivers will make great catches (or drop a few balls) and we're going to salivate over every single catch, run, and throw.  Then we're going to find ourselves in the dead center of the dead zone trying to figure out who goes where and what the final roster looks like with only the smallest bit of information.  It's going to be very easy to get distracted from what's important if we're looking at the small and short term picture.

My promise to you, the Jaguars fan and reader of this site, is to provide commentary and perspective from 10,000 feet.  Ive been away for a little bit, worked through a few things, and now I'm re-dedicated and re-energized for these next few months of dead zone and the oh-so-close start of training camp.  I've been doing some thinking and some reading and I've come to the conclusion that the 2009 season is going to be a very, very good one.  I'm excited at the prospects and can't wait to see what happens when the team puts on pads and shakes out the position battles in camp.

Now we've just got to survive the few months between now and then.

I'll be with you the whole way!