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Desperate Jaguars Fans willing to steal for their hydration:

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I was going to talk about Vince Manuwai's return to the field, but the Florida Times Union decided to drop this little bomb into the bottom of the story.

From the department of WTF?

Thief gets away with Gatorade

A thief broke into the Jacksonville Jaguars practice field Saturday and made off a cooler full of Gatorade and a box of nutrition bars, police said.

A security guard at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium spotted the thief fleeing the field and tried to catch him. But with the lightning speed of a running back, the man bolted, dropping the nutrition bars in the process.

Really?  How fast can you run with a 5 gallon cooler of Gatorade?  I remember lugging those things around and the idea of running and getting away with it seems pretty far fetched.  Not to mention the insanity of actually stealing it from the practice field.  Under what circumstance is this a good idea?