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Quick Bytes: June 18th, 2009

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Jaguars are smart to stop throwing money at Lemons |
"The Gremlin" tells us what we already knew, Gene Smith has done good by cleaning up the mistakes of the Shack era.

Jones-Drew rises in's 2009 PPR fantasy football mock draft
Jones-Drew goes 2nd in's fantasy draft.

No sticker shock here: Players to honor fallen - Lebanon Daily News
Former Jaguar Kyle Brady is doing his part to help honor the fallen soldiers in Iraq Jaguars Introduce New Payment Option for 2010
The Jaguars announced a new payment plan for the 2010 season. The short and sweet is that now you can already buy 2010 tickets and set up monthly or weekly payment schedules.

Jaguars awarded long snapper Cain off waivers from 'Skins - NFL - Football
The Jacksonville Jaguars have been awarded long-snapper Jeremy Cain off waivers from the Washington Redskins. I wonder how Joe Z feels about this.

Jaguars Conclude OTAs, New Backup QB Earns Praise | | Jacksonville Jaguars News
The Jaguars have concluded OTAs and Jack Del Rio says Todd Bouman can be a quality back up.

The Probably True Origins of AFC Nicknames
Something to laugh at

These QB-WR unions won't get honeymoon period | Sporting News
David Garrard and Torry Holt appear at #3.

Top 5 Fantasy story lines of 2009
Torry Holt makes an appearance at #5.