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Falling Star: Why the Jaguars should trade "The Big Lazy"

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We see again today that John Henderson has missed a second consectutive OTA practice due to "Injury". Jack Del RIo is not happy, and said as much in an interview when asked about the DT.

He is not this man anymore!

John has a shoulder, that, back when I played, nobody would've missed a snap. Lombardi might be rolling over (in his grave). It's disappointing to see him pull himself out.

Excuse me, but what is going on with Big John Lazy John. The last two seasons he has had constant issues with staying on the practice field, and it has shown to have detrimental effects in games with dwindling production. John is not the same as he was in 2006 and 2007. He's not a star anymore, he's just not, so stop it. Now, It appears he's drawn the focus of his coach, who doesn't think he's even going to be a team leader anymore.

Gene Smith needs to pull the trigger on a trade deal to send this malcontent to another squad. I don't care where, all I know is that I would take a 3, or a 4 and a 6 for the cat. His trade value will be higher now that the draft is over because teams would get Henderson's services for the entire year before the Jags get to use their picks. Like trading a 3 this year, for a two next, trading John now would allow us to recoup greater overall value for the former standout DT.

I know some of you are saying, "But, he lets people hit him before the game", well, he's not a star anymore, and he's not a leader either. We have a new DT, and we don't want him to learn bad habits. Big John Lazy John should be leading our defense, instead, he's a leech on the Jaguar's pocketbook who hasn't produced in years, and is living off the past. I say let's cut bait and trade the chronic under-performer while he still has value. After next season, he'll be a year older, and still missing practices... I've been in favor of trading John for literally months now, I think this latest incident may give Gene the impetus to pick up the phone and see what kind of garage sale deal he can swing for the aging, overpaid veteran.

What say you? Give him yet another year, or cut bait now?

-Collin Streetman