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Jaguars' WR Video: MUST SEE TV!

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I was able to locate some video of the Jaguar's new WR's Jarrett Dillard and Mike Thomas. They each have great and unique skill sets which differentiate them from one another. One is a superb route runner, the other is a shifty speedster, and I would expect both to make the final roster.

This is a must watch video that highlights the literally astonishing route running of Jarrett Dillard, whom the Jags snagged in the 5th. I am really impressed a rookie can sink his hips that much. Speed won't be an issue, and I look for Dillard to compete immediately with those skills. He's got amazing hips, which are one of the most important aspects of a WR's game, second only to hands. Our WR corp got a huge upgrade in this year's draft, none of our first rounders even had this ability after years of playing experience. This kid comes up out of college and makes thelast 3 years of WR's look like trash.

Here's the video on Jaguars' fourth round pick Mike Thomas that I found

It becomes clear why the Jaguars picked Thomas from the video. His breakneck neck quickness and body control. The kid can accelerate to top speed and stop on a dime like nothing. That gives him a great advantage in punt and kick returns. Good hands, great speed, and excellent explosion are the highlights of Thomas' game. Look for him to return some kicks and play some slot receiver this season.

-Collin Streetman