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Quick Bytes: June 5th, 2009

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Jaguars' Big John committed to being a leader |

Henderson speaks about the former saga and how he plans to move forward.

Henderson takes his medicine for now |

Henderson saying he's "bought in"

Sources: Union to pay millions to retired NFL players - ESPN

Not Jaguars related, but an interesting read

New Orleans high school uses Jaguar's logo without permission –
Interesting read on a New Orleans high school

Jacksonville Jaguars' John Henderson says he's not faking injury - ESPN
Two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle John Henderson wants to make it clear: He's not faking an injury, he's committed to the Jacksonville Jaguars and eager to return to form.

Jaguars Stick to Plan with the Draft | Bleacher Report
The Jacksonville Jaguars were faced with a dilemma during Saturday’s NFL Draft: Go with the popular vote or stick to their original philosophy of BAP?

After lost season, Jags seek how to put 'train' back on track -
Among the league's most disappointing teams last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars never came close to meeting expectations as a chic preseason Super Bowl pick.

Eugene Monroe Analysis
Sporting News gives a great report on Eugene Monroe - Coaches Ranking
Spoiler: Jack Del Rio is ranked 17th