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Quick Bytes: June 9th, 2009

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Quick note:  If you're wondering why I've been posting so many "Quick Bytes", I'm having the worst writers block on two articles that'll hopefully be up soon. | News | Jaguars news | Desormeaux doing it the old way
Michael Desormeaux is another former college QB making a position switch for the Jaguars. He looks to try and make it as a safety.

Which draftees played in AFC South states? - AFC South - ESPN
19 players drafted this year played their high school ball in Florida, while a whooping 37 played in Texas.

Cut in 2003, Jaguars safety has a new perspective now |
Safety Marlon McCree and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio showed last week that they don't always hold a grudge. Six years ago, Del Rio, then a rookie head coach with the Jaguars, waived McCree two games into the 2003 season because McCree was unhappy about his backup status. - Report: Cowboys Not Interested In Matt Jones
For once it looks like Jerry Jones won't go after a former Arkansas player Historical Number One for Jaguars
Who was better: Smith or McCardell?

Orlando's United Football League team looks to home-grown talent to fill roster
Former Jaguar's QB Quinn Gray tries out for Orlando's UFL franchise

McCree over 2003 breakup with Jaguars
Marlon McCree speaks on why he rejoined the team