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Quick Bytes: July 17th, 2009


Jones-Drew will be focal point of running game, but Jaguars plan to share
There's no question that Maurice Jones-Drew is the star in Jacksonville's backfield. However, for the Jaguars to succeed, they plan to divvy up the carries.

Offseason spotlight: Is Jack Del Rio on the hot seat?
As part of NFL Network's 32 Teams in 32 Days series, we take a look at a key question facing each team. Is Jack Del Rio on the hot seat in Jacksonville?

What kind of pass is Jags' Lewis likely to drop? - AFC South - ESPN
Paul Kuharsky takes a look at Marcedes Lewis and how he intends to finally live up to his pass catching billing.

Jacksonville Jaguars' Philosophy at Wide Receiver Takes a U-Turn | Bleacher Report
Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell were unheralded players that the Jaguars signed. R. Jay Soward, Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones were first round picks that got the Jags no where. Now it seems the Jaguars have gone back to their original philosophy.

Q&A: Matt Jones on his arrests, release, comeback plans |
We all know the saga of Matt Jones. While not quite a tell all, this interview does give some insight into his time as a Jaguar.

NFL: Wade Phillips among coaches on the hot seat - ESPN
Wade Phillips and Jack Del Rio are among the coaches on the hot seat as the 2009 season approaches, writes John Clayton.

Chat: Chat with Paul Kuharsky - SportsNation - ESPN
Paul Kuharsky's weekly chat about the AFC South.