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Rashad Jennings Signs Contract

The Jaguars may have struck gold in the form of Rashad Jennings, the 7th round pick who likely should've gone in the first 3 rounds.  Jennings signed a 4-year contract on Wednesday worth 1.78 million with a 38K dollar signing bonus. Make no mistake, RB may perhaps be one of the most competitive positions on the squad. According to more than one observer, Jennings has had a stellar offseason. 

According to one trusted Jaguars observer, Jennings had the "best spring, beginning to end, of any offensive player" on the team.

Rashad will be in direct competition with last year's 7th rounder and burner, Chauncey Washington. Washington, for those of you who don't know, ran a 4.35 40-yard dash. Click here to see the video (although turn the sound off, the commentary is idiocy). That's right, he's a burner with home-run potential.

I think the odd man out may be Alvin Pearman. Pearman is only 27, despite having spent numerous years in the league already. He's a serviceable punt returner, but holds no real potential to ever be more than he is right now. This is a team building for the future, so I would expect to see younger players kept over their veteran counterparts when there is little other difference.

If Washington doesn't show flashes in this year's training camp though, he's toast. He isn't known as a RB with great hands, and he can't return punts or kickoffs. He'll have to show "it" by running in between the tackles and blocking for Garrard. 

-Collin Streetman