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Quick Bytes:July 27th, 2009




Jaguars can't avoid 2009 blackouts |
The Gremlin once again tells us what we already knew, the chances of home games being on TV is slim and none.

Bucs Should Revisit Practicing vs. Jaguars, Dolphins In Camp | Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Pewter Report
Former Bucs DT Brad Culpepper says the Jaguars, Dolphins, and Bucs should return to scrimmaging against each other in camp.

Jags' top pick followed the right path early and hasn't veered off. |
A great biography on Eugene Monroe. Things like this make me happy he was there to be picked rather than BJ Raji or Andre Smith. Now, let's just see if he gets to camp on time.

From cellar to stellar? Saints are best bet - Vinnie Iyer - NFL - Sporting News
The Jaguars seemed to be poised for a Miami Dolphins-esque turn around, according to Iyer. Jags Must Pick A Direction
The Jaguars can not afford to keep being "in a sea of mediocrity." If this season does not show obvious improvements, then it is time to go into full blown rebuilding mode.