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Return to Glory: Wil(ford) or won't we

Might we see a return to teal for our man Wilford?

As some of you know, Ernest Wilford is on the hot seat in Miami. He's struggled ever since leaving Jacksonville and signing a relatively big contract with the dolphins. Well, last season was a debacle for Wilford, seeing him slip to the bottom of the depth chart. The only reason he stayed around last year was his HUGE first year cap number. Well, apparently, the Phins' patients is wearing thin. They are trying Wilford out at TE, but it seems the competition may be too stiff for him there even. Here's what PFT had to say via reports from our southernmost neighbors.

Even With New Position, Wilford Might Not Make It In Miami

On the same day that Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald takes a look at the progress of receiver Ernest Wilford in making the transition to tight end, Armando Salguero of the Herald points out that a switch to a new position might not be enough for Wilford to save his job.

Per Salguero, Wilford won't make it into the final 53-man roster, absent injuries to or ineffectiveness of others who are expected to earn spots on the depth chart.

Specifically, Wilford needs tight end David Martin to struggle in his return from hernia surgery and/or rookie tight end John Nalbone to continue to display hands like, well, Wilford's. Alternatively, Wilford needs rookie receivers Patrick Turner and/or Brian Hartline to rupture multiple knee ligaments.

Absent one or more of such developments, Wilford will find himself looking for a new team come the next three-day weekend of the summer of 2009.

When I read this, I immediately became excited. I know Jacksonville is in a youth movement, but Wilford is still on the right side of 30, and he's a proven commodity in Jacksonville. He's got a rapport with David, and he's got great hands and route running ability. I'm still astonished he hasn't caught on in Miami, but it looks like he won't make the cut this season.

This raises the question as to whether or not the Jags should bring Wilford back for another season with the team. He could sign a one or two year "prove-it" contract, enabling both sides to reap the benefits of such a deal. Wilford could prove he can still play in the league, and potentially secure another FA payday in the future, and the Jags would have a proven commodity who isn't injury riddled (ahem, Mike Walker) to go along with Holt. I think it's a good idea on the surface, and Dirk Koetter was the offensive coordinator when Wilford was here last, so picking the offense up shouldn't be much of a problem for him.

One of our WR's will get injured and miss multiple games... I guarantee it. Holt is over 30, and has an iffy knee. Granted, he hasn't missed many games over his career, but the older a player gets, the more likely he is to get injured. Our rookies aren't acclimated to an NFL season yet, and often times their bodies can't take the punishment of a 20 game schedule, so look for one of them to bite the dust for a period of time this season as well. Then there's Troy (Patron') Williamson, who picks up soft tissue injuries like he's stopping to buy groceries. I'm sorry, but he's not a guy I would count on throughout a season. Let's not forget about Mike Walker and his amazing bionic knees, which give out if he's bumped by a large enough dog, or if he bangs them against a table. We have NO security at the WR position, which is why I think we should grab Wilford if he's dumped by the Dolphins, which it appears he will be.

I think it is imperitive the Jaguars have more than 1 player who's completed a full 20 game season, and right now, Torry Holt is the only one. Wilford would bring stability, leadership, good hands, and reliability. Not to mention a decent red-zone target at 6'4"

Will we or won't we?

-Collin Streetman

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